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"I have been a customer of Emerald Puppies for almost two years now. I have personally dealt with Marie who blessed me with a delightful Westie last November. Marie is always prompt when responding to questions about the care of my dog and/or nutrition questions. I order Chloe's (my pup) food and vitamins from Emerald Puppies. I have had problems with food allergies in the past with my last dog and this food is definitely up to my standards. It is all natural with no preservatives or additives and Chloe loves it."
- Cathie
"We found Marie years ago as we searched for a Westie breeder. Our experiences with local breeders was anything but positive. Hearing of Marie, and the regulations for dogs in Ireland, we took the ride out to Long Island and found our first pup, Reilly. Both Reilly and his blood-cousin and our second pup, Winston, have amazing temperaments and personalities. They are very different but both are loving, affectionate, funny and absolutely joyous. I wouldn’t think of going anywhere else for a Westie pup! Thanks, Marie!"
- Peter & Kris, Pennsylvania
"Dear Marie, I would love for you to know how wonderful my Yorkie, 'Rocky' is. He is the most loving, playful, vibrant, affectionate puppy in the world. He came to me healthy and happy. I could not have asked for more in a puppy. We all love to carry him around. As soon as I am allowed to take him outside, I look forward to carrying him around in a 'puppy purse'. He is the love of our lives and he has brought my family closer together as we regularly gather together to play with Rocky, our new baby boy. Thank you!!!"
- Rhonda
"Marie and Emerald Puppies helped us add now 10-month-old 'Macushla' to our family last October. Our little Blenheim Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is all we hoped for - healthy, beautiful and a joy to be around. Marie and her husband were informative, professional and helped the adoption process go smoothly, answering all questions promptly. I would recommend anyone hoping to have a Cavalier as a pet to deal with Emerald Puppies."
- Maureen S.
"At the Animal Wellness Center in Huntington, i am blessed to receive referrals from 9 different puppy retailers in the NY city/Long Island region. Amongst these are Emerald Puppies. They are consistently the hardiest, most disease resistant pups in my patient base. It has been a pleasure to take care of them and my dealings with Marie have also been consistently positive. She is very knowledgable and compassionate in her dealing with both owners and pups."
- Dr. Burton Miller, DVM
"Marie- Thx for all your help both before and after we got 'MAC' from emerald pups. You were terrific. MAC is now 'first mate' on our pontoon boat as he enjoys his first summer here in the lakes region of NH. He loves to run the chipmunks."
- Tim & Judy
"Hi Marie, Rocket is now 9 months old and he is the best. He's mellow, sweet and immensely entertaining. I really can not tell you how lucky we feel. He's very friendly with people and dogs and everyone we meet wants to know where we got him. Did I mention how cute he is? I'm attaching a pic so you can see for yourself. I really can not thank you enough. Thanks for all your helpful email responses at the beginning, too."
- Lee, New York
"Not only is Marie a lovely person to deal with, her Wheaton puppies are well bred, healthy and adorable. She follows through on all sales if there are any questions whatsoever. I would highly recommend getting your Wheaten Terrier from her with absolutely no hesitation."
- Marsha, New Jersey
"We love our little 3-year-old Westie to pieces. He's smart, loving, healthy and brings us joy every single day. He also has little Westie friends who look so much like him, and no wonder--they are also from Marie, who we continue to stay in touch with for her expert training advice and diet counsel. We think the world of Marie and if we were ever to give our Westie a brother or sister, we would want one of her exceptional puppies."
- The Perry Family
"Buddy is doing great. Buddy is growing everyday and as expected at his age he loves to play and run around. My daughter Catarina loves him and she has a great playing partner. He has a great temperament and very very sweet. We take him for walks everyday along with my daughter when she goes for her bicycle ride. Buddy loves to lay down and just cuddle next to us in the evenings while watching TV. The veterinarian that we took him to says that he is great puppy and very healthy without any problems - this was one of our major concerns and we were quickly put at ease by the vet on the first visit, he has now gone for 3 visits for all his shots and continues to show a great display and very healthy. The transaction was simple and easy and I couldn't ask for a better person answering all of our questions."
- Raul
"I don't think I will ever forget waiting at the Buffalo, NY airport for our puppy Isabelle to arrive. When the crate was finally brought to us, I remember getting down on my knees, opening the door of the crate and seeing this little tri-color cavalier king charles spaniel sitting toward the back of the crate. I remember I looked up at my husband and said 'She's just perfection.' Marie made this entire transaction from start to finish a true pleasure. A total professional who also knew when to be a lovely sounding board, and accomodating my wants above and beyond. I will buy another puppy from this wonderful lady in a heartbeat. A true pleasure and delight to work with."
- Ann Marie, New York
"Our experience with Emerald Puppies has been great! We picked up our new puppy last spring and have continued to stay in touch with the breeder -- not because we need to, but because we want to! We felt very comfortable with the breeder given her vast expertise and knowledge of the Wheaton Terrier breed. We are very happy that we chose Emerald Puppies and would recommend them to anyone who wants a healthy pure-bred puppy."
- Gloria, Massachusetts
"We adopted our Wheaten Swheatie, Maggie from Marie at Emerald Puppies about 3.5 years ago. Maggie was 14 weeks old and has been a wonderful addition to our family. When we brought Maggie to her first Vet visit, the Vet commented on what a sweet personality our puppy had. It was hard to believe that Maggie's personality was determined by 14 weeks but it was. It was evident that Maggie had been socialized with children and people in the early weeks of life. Maggie goes EVERYWHERE with our family and is well known by many. Maggie is the dog, everyone wants! Marie continues to care for the dogs after they have long left her "nest". I have been purchasing Vet's Choice dog food from Marie since we adopted Maggie. I have spoken to Marie on the phone and through email for suggestions regarding food, puppy care, and ear infections. Marie cares about the well being and long life of the puppies she provides. Thank you Marie for all of your help!"
- Carolyn F.
"We just celebrated Baloo's first birthday, May 5, 2008. There are not enough ways to express to you how filled up with joy we are with this furry human (he just does not qualify as a dog) We all hug and kiss him all the time as he is so irresistible and incredibly affectionate. Not only do we find people constantly stopping us on our daily walks to remark how he is so beautiful and has such remarkable and unique markings, but people are always commenting on his character. I have never known an animal to be so loving and accommodating and willing to please. When we are ready, we will come to Emerald Puppies to get another buddy for Baloo to play with...we can't wait!"
- Rosanne & Conor
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About Emerald Puppies

There has been a trend in recent years towards importing puppies from Ireland and Britain. These countries’ laws and breeding controls have ensured healthier puppies than are often found in the United States. Emerald Puppies provides its clients with puppies from only reputable Irish breeders; never from puppy mills. Our puppies are all vet checked and come with health guarantees. If you have an interest in any of our breeds, you may contact Emerald Puppies by phone (646 648-3773) or email (marie@emeraldpuppies.com) or you may submit an inquiry directly from this site. We can email photos of our available puppies. You can arrange to visit us in the New York City area or we can arrange transportation worldwide.

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